Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rusted Roof

What's not to love about the rusted patina on this roof? 

Found in Intercourse, PA. which is in Lancaster County. 

Yes, that is a real name, of a real town, which attracts many tourists
hoping to get a taste of Amish life.
Near by you can find the towns of Blue Ball, Bird-in-Hand and Paradise. 
Someone, long ago, had a wicked sense of humor!


  1. This is definitely stunning to look at. The rust on this roof actually looks like paint from afar, which creates a beautiful contrast along with the wall and the surrounding environment. There is just something captivating about the whole ensemble. It’s a piece of art that is formed by nature and time.

    **Son Lakhani

  2. It may be rusted, but it looks very sturdy. You are right, Son. There is something about this rusted metal roof that makes it fascinating. The rust on the roof has given the home a kind of rustic, country feel. It’s actually very beautiful!

    -Tiffany Larsen

  3. Despite its weathered look, that roof still looks appealing. It actually looks like it was painted with red and green stripes. It’s amazing that nature can affect the design of our properties in a good way. This is truly worth capturing! =)

    Linda Wise

  4. You’re right! The rusted patina is indeed an eye-catcher, and it can probably suit the taste of vintage lovers. :) Though vintage-looking, like many other roofs, it needs proper maintenance to uphold its quality and increase its lifespan. Anyway, those are really interesting names! ;)

    Sierra Nordgren

  5. This is awesome! A roofing system that looks painted by nature is a must-see. Perhaps there are more amusing things in the other part of that house. Yes, the towns’ names will surely grab the attention of many. Lol! I wonder who gave those names to the towns.

    Saundra Wordlaw


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