Monday, October 18, 2010

A Patchwork Barn

The fall harvest season is one of the most beautiful times of the year in this area. And despite the evils of tobacco, (I gave it up years ago) I can not help but love the sight of it drying in the barns.

Check out that fabulous patchwork siding. Isn't is great?!

And the old farm equipment is the icing on the cake.

Scenes like this are what I love about living in the country. How fortunate am I to live where life, at least for some, is still lived slowly, with all senses engaged. What a lovely reminder to the rest of us to take some time to unplug.

Faster and easier, is not always better.


  1. You are so right, I envy you for your access to the wonderful environments you share on your blog, which I cherish. I walk to work a couple of times per week, it's only about 10 minutes, senses are engaged that are otherwise dormant when I drive the short distance to work. (which I do because it allows me to drive home at lunchtime to walk our geriatric dog); thanks so much for sharing

  2. I do envy your living there . How beautiful...

  3. So true, sometimes we get just too caught up in our busy busy lives :) Linda

  4. beautiful images Victoria, and the horse and carriages are so dreamy!

  5. I just 'found' you today. A friend told me about your sites. Ok, I'm hooked! I adore photos of where people live....and your photos don't disappoint! We were just visiting KY and I was surprised (naive me) to see tobacco hanging in the barns. It does look interesting and I didn't get any photos. But YOU did! Thanks.

    Your art: divine. I love your color choices & patterns & would like to dig around in your head for awhile.

    I'm glad my friend told me about you. :)


  6. lovely barns...thanks for swinging by
    and leaving a trail i could follow back...

  7. We share a love of Amish and Edward Gorey. This is a wonderful and inspiring blog. I will now have to go out with my camera and scout around this little logging town until I find some nifty images.

  8. I love your photography, I have passed on 'The stylish blogger' award to you, details are on my latest post, I couldn't get the link to work but bloggers can find you via my blog Linda :)


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