Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rusted Railroad

I love the scratch marks, dashed lines, (reminds me of stitching) and rusted patina on this metal window covering, which is part of the abandoned Reading Passenger Station in Wernersville, Pa.

Opened in 1926 and closed in the late 1950's, I am happy to report that an effort is currently underway to restore this building.

Standing on the deserted platform, you can still feel those old trains rumbling down the track...



  1. From the little glimpse you've posted, it looks to be a lovely building. I'm glad it will be restored - abandoned buildings are so sad....

  2. That’s what we call Industrial Heritage. It’s good to know those buildings are valued and restored. Love all the rusty coloured pictures.

  3. That acid green moss is fantastic, esp against the grays and rust- love all the blocks- great inspiration for a quilt.

    For now, at least, it survived to let you have this moment.

  4. I love the first picture the most of the rusty window cover and the way the rust is running down the window ledge - a work of art!Linda:)

  5. I got goosebumps looking at this series! I can almost hear the hustle and bustle of people walking around. I also adore that moss picture. Glad that restoration is in its future, I'm also glad that you captured it's moment of disrepair... Gorgeous!

  6. Your photos and town are stunning, so many beautiful mysterious places, I would like to share a blog of artist that have taken beautiful photos, the archives are amazing. Really inspirational
    Hugs Jeannie

  7. Very "Stand by me" & "Fried Green Tomatoes" ! I picture you so clearly in my mind, wandering around with your camera (& Ellie Mae too?).


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